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1819 Nov 29
Radicalism not

++ 2 2o
III Experience
1. United States

(2) (1) 2 §.1. Radicalism established

or 2
As to virtual universality
in U.S.

1. In New York, qualification,
renting 40s a year
and having paid taxes to the State
year [p113. Art VII ]
New York Capital]

Though no forcible equalization yet in
to equalization : the English institutions

But in respect of the article of virtual universality how stands the
matter case? Exactly this In New York [the is by renting
40s a year rented that the ] a qualification it must be
confessed there is. But what does it amount to? the renting of
40s a year: a note with s not the owning of property to the
amount, nothing more than the renting of it.

2. In Pennsylvania,
paying one payment
to any State or County

[Penns. Constitut. p134

In Pennsylvania what is the qualification. Possession Owning
of 40s — 40s a year? No. —renting of 40s a year? that
matter. What then is payment the it
bar any State payment in the
matter. What then a payment once made to any State in
twenty two once made

1. Secrecy and universality
literally there
on both.
2. Universality virtually
[here shewn]
3. Equality virtually
viz so as to exclude
suspicion of injustice.

First then as to the parallelism — the virtual identity of conditions Features or elements of radicalism,
secrecy seeking secrecy, universality, equality, annuality
[in respect of rights] of suffrage. ALL this, literally or virtually,
you have in Pennsylvania, and in New York; and deducting
slaves, these are the two most populous of the
22 United States. Ao 1810, together they composed in 1810 population of the two little less than a third of the whole. Secrecy and universal annuality
you have literally: and of the four elements these are the
only two that literally of which in the literal made little sense are the existence is possible.

Universality or little short of it a trifle short of it you have virtually: qualification, in New
York renting 40s a year: renting only sufficient; + Constit. p.163 Art VII
holding possession in property not required. In Pennsylvania, not so
much as renting 40s or renting any thing, required: payment
"to any State or County tax" sufficient: payment though it
were but once made.|| || Constitutn p.134 Art.III and any man that pleases may offer himself to make it.

As to equality of vote suffrage, i.e. equality in effect and value
as between right and right in suffrage, the essential point is — not
arithmetical equality, but absence of any such degree of inequality
as partiality and injustice would dictate be the result and proof or partiality
and injustice. All
imputation charge of injustice
on this score being in these instances
unknown, details of
the partition are
enquiring into
would not pay for the trouble of the research.


Pennsylv 810,091.
New York 959,049
Virginia 974, 622.


Inhabitants in all the States Ao1810 1,239,903.

Page 47.
New York 96,373
Philadelphia 53,722

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