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1820 Jan.y 5
Radicalism not dangerous

++ 4
III. Experience
1. United States

Inserendenced 2 §.2. Evil none

Pure democracy it has been observed does has not the effect
of securing the people at all times from distress. True:
because distress is producible by a variety of causes, of
which bad misrule government with its excessive taxation is but
one. But that against which democracy does secure the
people is — discontent and popular connection
when distress is produced by other causes: and this
was the prospect presented at that same time by
that same people. But the eyes which were as
wide open to the distress were fast closed against the
quiet wills which which accompanied it it a at that same time it was
accompanied, and with which it has been accompanied ever since.

and therefore all with
a time of much triumph. reference
is made to the commercial
interest under
which the people of the
United States are suffering at
that time suffering

7 or 5
Shutting eyes causes
not facts not to have
existed: hence notwithstanding
invectives, penal laws,
prosecutions, hangings,
sabrings &c truth undeniable,
to make people
content, nothing will
score but democracy
or democratic ascendency

But by No indeed. By shutting mens their eyes
against facts, it is not in man's power to cause these
facts not to have had existence: and thence it is
that notwithstanding all speeches and all invectives; and
all penal laws and all prosecutions, and all fines, all imprisonments and all
hangings in and all sabrings, it remains an undeniable
truth, that if nothing will satisfy men a man but
the seeing the people quiet and content with their
government, while they are distressed and discontented labouring under penury and distress,
with every thing else, it is in pure democracy, or
at least in democratic ascendency, that they he must
look for it. (a)

7(a) or 5(a)
For this see Scotsman
in Morn. Chron.
5 Jany 1820

See this well brought to view at the close of an extract
from the Scotsman in Morn. Chron. 5 Jany 1820

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