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1820 Jany 7.
Radicalism not dangerous

III Experience
I United States


As to the facility of obtaining land, in the character of
a cause of content it can not apply to those alone by whom any other person than those
it is possessed: that who are in possession of it and as no kind can either be occupied or be obtained and
occupied without the possession of some capital these those
number of those by whom this cause of content and tranquillity is possessed
is but a small are but few in number, in comparison of those by whom it is not
possessed: for land even their land or property is not capable either of being
occupied without stock, nor or of being obtained without purchase.

But here comes another proof, if the groundlessness
of the supposition assumption, which asserts the existence of a propensity on the part of non-proprietors
to rise and "subvert the rights of property"
at the expense of the proprietors. In no one of the United
States is there any restriction on any of these political rights
of which the people of this country have never had any possession
secure possession by any better title than an insecure sufferance and of which they have so recently been
almost entirely divested: the right of criticising the conduct
of all public functionaries without fear of prosecu for prosecution in
libel against government: any shape at the suit of any constituted authorities; the right of no meeting in
what place and what numbers they please, and armed
unarmed or armed, and of keeping arms of all sorts and in any quantity in their
hands and training themselves in the use of them: and
then, as to a standing army armies, some ten thousand men or
thereabouts it is are but a handful when compared with the
the number of the whole armed inhabitants of the other classes, in
that country or even with the 100,000 and more that comprise the standing army here.

If then any such propensity had its existence in human nature,
as it has according to the theory of despotism, here in these United
is a spot States may be found seen a field on which it could not fail to shew itself. But
the impossibility the execution and thence of the pleasures of of any such system of depredation, is no secret
to the non-proprietors in that country, any more than any where else it will
be, to any man of common sense, who bestow will bestow a
few minutes consideration
upon it. To believe
in any such theory
belongs only to a Monarch,
with or without
his Lords and Gentlemen;
to believe in it any
such theory
without believing it to speak and not as if he believed in it.

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