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1820 Jan.2
Radicalism not dangerous

III. Experience
1. United States

5 Seybert

In the following these extracts some pass here and there a
some passage may perhaps be observed a passage which was is not so directly
material to the purpose as some others to the present to the present purpose. But
it has been thought better to give the matter as it stands
than the sacrifices of to expose the extracts to the suspense of having been rendered deceptive
consideration of wilful by the omission of matter
not favourable to the purpose for which the in view.
extracts were made

The extract which with the here follows is chiefly from the first
pages of an introductory paper with which it opens under the title of
Preliminary Explanations. It has for its declared object
the very thing which is in demand for the present purpose,
namely the connection between the state of the community
in respect of the external means of happiness,
and the state of the law in general and in particular
of the constitutional branch of it. [+] [+] The presumption of
national partiality
will be seen to be obviated meets with others that
by the nature expect it. The facts are
of the facts in such as in their
question, open as they nature to lie upon Then
are to every eye, and
by the dep
the work
is of the number of
these the reputation
of which depends altogether
on the right
correctness of the their statements,
and the for
support to the general
remarks, particulars passages
are given from the quills
of foreigners whose longer
residence gives their accounts in
so far the advantage of
over those of our own
Expense to the
seductive form of sentiment or aided an objection
which while it becomes in the conclusion to their the
authorities first mentioned can be to be not having
to said to be altogether out of place when
In the present instance the objection will be
seen to detract little if any thing from the relative of the
information. The facts in question will be seen to be
as to to the observation of every eye, and

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