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1820 April 23
Radicalism not dangerous

III Experience II Ireland
7 §.2. Democratic &c


III Grievances to Catholics
1,2,3, as above

III. In the situation from which the same object objects could
not but present itself themselves to the view of that the Catholic part of the population
which was composed of Catholics, being three fourth parts
of the whole, the catalogue of grievances would as
to two three of its items be composed of the united lists of
the grievances which were such in the eyes of two bodies of their Protestant
Protestants fellow countrymen as above, but with an additional load, and
that as one composed of grievances peculiar to
themselves pressing exclusively on themselves

4. The whole body
treated as criminals:
with a scale of punishment
topped by death.
Specification of Particular needless and

Of these grievances, with their consequences, a detailed
exposition would w fill a volume. For the present
purpose instead of this volume in short phrase
with a scale of punishment
up to destruction
of life appointed
for the several imagined
degrees of this imagined

may suffice. They saw themselves treated as criminals.

Six eighths treated as
criminals by one eighth!
a small portion of one
eighth under the order of
a foreign Monarch, supported
by foreign military
force; who though ever
so vile, cruel and irreligious, has always
been most excellent
gracious and religious
by Act of Parliament.
this men proved to
declare continually
for the information of

Six eighths of the whole population of a country treated
upon the footing as criminals by about one eighth! and this under a
King/Monarch who being though he were as vile and contemptible as Richard
the second or James the first would be always Most excellent, though he were as cruel as Henry
the eighth or James the
second would be always
most gracious, though
were as irreligious as
Charles the second would
be always most religious,
being made so
by Act of Parliament,
and for the information
of omniscience
declared to be so in
the form of address
to which under pain
and penalties all
men are ordered to
join in and by that and other Acts.

What sort of a government that is was under which
the great majority of the inhabitants are were treated as
criminals — nor yet by the remainder of the inhabitants
but by a small portion of them employed by
the Monarch of another country for the purpose and
backed by a military force — —

Subversion of such a
government could it be
such eyes fail of presenting
itself as matter of
interest and duty?
matter of shame.

whether in the eyes of
any impartial observer while in 22 United States in which with the
exception of the Slave Trade neither in this nor in any other shape have abuses any place.

any impartial observer a government a government
of which this could be said with truth could be any
thing better than a nuisance — this whether the submission
to it was not just a matter of shame, whether
the contributing to the overthrow of it by any means whatever by which
it could be effected, supposing it capable of being effected would
not have been matter not only of merit but of moral duty to any
man in whose eyes
the accomplishment
of such a benefit presented
itself as sensible —
these are questions
which belong not
for the present purpose.

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