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1820 Feb. 23 1
Radicalism not dangerous

XXVI §.6 ulto
III. Experience
II. Ireland

1 §.6. Coincidence with Radicalism

§.6. or Coincidence of its characters with those of radicalism

Coincidence of Irish
Association with Radicalism.

Perbatium Democratic
ascendency dangerous
Probandium none
Irish association was

Proposition has been
made in Radical
Reform Bill.

The thing practice to be proved — and proved by from the example here in question —
is that Radicalism is not dangerous What has been shewn
already is that Democratic ascendency has nothing dangerous in it.
remains the thing now to be shewn the virtual coincidence between democratic
ascendency as in that case established, and the state of in respect of government
things that would be established, if radica a free and genuine
representation of the people in the Commons House were established
upon the principles of radical reform were established.

In this there will be no little difficulty: preparation for it has
been already made in the view given of the elements of radicalism
in the parliamentary explanation to the Draught of a
Bill for that purpose so lately published. Let us take a view of them in by the
order name and in the order in which they are there presented

All the identity
reasonably to be looked
for is that behind
the leading features.
Between a state of
things exemplified
and as do only proposed
that exemplified being
without authority, that
proposed, by authority,
certain and exact coincidence
can not be expected.

Impossibilities must not here be looked for . . Between a
state of things one actually in existence, and a state of things
existing only in imagination and proposed — between a state of
things established without authority laws/legal reputation — by other than the constituted
authorities, and a state of things as proposed to be
established by legal regulations. the creation of the constituted
authorities — the a coincidence in terms can not rationally
be expected. All that can reasonably be required looked for is that
between the elementary essence/substance of arrangements or leading features on the
one part and those of the others the coincidence shall should
be found to have place.

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