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1820 Jan. 27
Radicalism not dangerous


4 (o) §. Democracy extended

As to impracticability, to carry radical parliamentary reform into radical
parliamentary reform into practice, they had nothing no more to
do but go on to continue as they begun: to go on as they had been
going on for four five or six years. [for four years says
Lord Sheffield] Universality of suffrage they had already:
for as already observed of the bodies by which of whose of the description of those by which delegates the delegates from which the
Convention was composed were sent to the Convention none were excluded: and of those
the individuals of whom those bodies were composed,
it who offered themselves to be received into those bodies
it does not appear that any were rejected: or if any
were rejected it was on account of some account applying to the individual chos only,
and not on any generally applicable principle cause of exclusion:
in particular, latterly at least not on account of
Catholicism: the great majority being Catholics.+ + Lord Sheffield

Virtual Practical Equality of suffrage, with the consequent demarcation would have followed
of course: so likewise commonality in some other short period,
though in comparison of more univers the two others the difference
between one and two years would have is of minor
importance. Secrecy of suffrage would might have required
reflection, though under universality reflection would not
have failed to have this for tis the most importan
without which universality would have been no better
than aristocracy and imposture, for its result. In this
there would h indeed have been a change [though but the only
change:] a change in this mode of mode only, a change indispensable for producing
sameness in the effect. In the original association
as all joined in the same wish, no man had could have any motive
for the concealing of his wishes. Not so, when upon the establishment
of a regular system of Election for representation to
sit in Parliament — in Parliament the source of emolument and
honour, and corruption — no vote could be given openly known to be given to one candidate without offence
given to all others and their friends

[+] when there existed
no power that could
apply any effectual
opposition to the manifestation
of that wish,

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