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1820 Feb. 27
Radicalism not dangerous

III Experience
II Ireland.

8 §.5. Iron age restored

As to ruling m, to
do few, the subject many
are general objects of hatred
and contempt: the worst
are those by whom the different
affection is covered with cloaked by
sympathy: by most
indolence prevailing, the
expense of the cloak
is saved.

Only where it the covering
is compleatly cast off
could can a law be
passed punishing the
people for expressions
of hatred and contempt
towards government
By every endeavour to
stifle it, the intensity of
the sentiment is encreased.

No Schoolmaster so
foolish as to think to
encrease love or lessen
hatred of boys to him
by flogging till they
cried out I love you

Under every Monarchy, under every Aristocracy — under every
form of government which is compounded of those two, the great subject many
body of the people are the objects in the eyes of their rulers of hi a mixed sentiment composed
of hatred and contempt: the wisest most crafty are those in whom the whose instance
different affection is covered by a cloak of sympathy: but
among on the part of the vulgar herd, indolence prevails and the expense
of the covering is saved. Only where The case in which every such
covering is most compleatly and manifestly disdainfully cast off could
any law such law be ordained as that which assuming
on the part of the people the existence of that encrease as a first its being itself the object of that on the part of the people the
object of the hostile affection so denominated, attracts pains
and penalties to the expression of it. By Of every act thing which
it does under the motive of stifling the expression of the sentiment
it the intensity of it is encreased. Few are the boys
who by a certain number of lashes applied by a tyrant Schoolmaster
might not be made to cry out I love you, Sir,
in any language which he professes undertook to teach: but the boy to
expect to find the boy in whose breast the affection so designated
should by any number of lashes be produced is
an a sort of expectation [the existence of] which would in vain be
looked for] not compatible with any degree of blindness
short of that of which the whole of which the late bestowed
measures have afforded so conspicuous an example.

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