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1819 Dec.r 27
Radicalism not dangerous.

II. Nature of the case
(2) 1 IX. always

4 or 1

The advocate of reason has drawn forth all his resources,
and rendered demonstration compleat and disproof impossible.
What is the consequence? has he profited? is conduct in any wise amended
by it? is any of the desired effect is it in any way influenced ? produced by it? no
either it is turned aside from with abhorrence a mixture of fear and
scorn, or if noticed noticed no otherwise than as an object a but
for of ridicule to play upon. Look upon did you ever see such a foul at this man as if
when saying that he said and is meant are said he meant to strip us of our property, we or any man of common
sense could believe it
it we could have been so silly enough to believe suspect/to believe it any such
thing? No; let him go to Rome with his reason, reasoning and
make the Pope his Holiness turn Protestant: or to Constantinople and
make the sublime Pork turn Christian. This is the man radicalist
who thought to he was bettering the case of radicalism by
shewing who undertook thought he should bring us over to/who was for radicalism by shewing when he shewed that the principles of it that it had been
professed to be acted upon in Kings Speeches. You remember
how Brougham quizzed him: and how we all laughed, and
how good a laugh it made for us. A parliamentary ground —:
every that every parliamentary measure must have of course a parliamentary
ground: to be sure it must. that it must But that the ground
must have any p breath in it! where has the man been lived?
living all this while? But that the ground must be true? there
the notion! where has he lived?

5 or 2

Nor he any more who has ever thought it worth while
to consider what Parliament is — let him say whether if
instead of the word about subversion of the rights of property
any an equal number of could taken out of the by lot out of Johnson's
Dictionary would not in that place have had the same effect:
and whether if in addition to what has been done, the Bill of
Rights had been repealed in form, and the Making Act made perpetual the majority would have
been less, or the Whigs more of an more measured and constant
in their attendance, or more in torment active for the peoples interest in their Counties.

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