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1819 Nov. 20 +
Radicalism not

(1) 1 §.18 No such preponderant or any other shape

1 Plan of this work.

For my own part, my own pertenances on the subject
are as follows

or 1
are to good and evil
from radicalism

1. Of any thing like
general destruction of
property, no danger

1. That of a general destruction of property or any state of
things in any degree approximating to it there would not be any
the smallest danger

2. nor of preponderant evil

2. That there would be as little danger of any preponderant
evil in any shape

3. But assurance of
preponderant sensible good.

3. That on the contrary there would be the fullest assurance
of a great greatly preponderant mass of good: I mean not of
fanciful Platonic good, but real and substantial happiness
for that

4. But for radicalism
encrease of evil continual.

4. But for reform there would be a continual encrease of
real sensible evil: of real and substantial unhappiness
for that

5. Danger of destruction
to all that design question
English from the workforce
of government

5. There exists an imminent danger of speedy destruction to every
thing by which the English constitution form of government has been distinguished
or regarded as distinguished from the worst forms of government
in existence.

6. From that state
sole means of salvation

6. That in radical reform is the only means of salvation
from that destruction from that state of misery wretchedness

7. Consequence of radicalism
no change
except of power, and
of that only what takes
place in change of
Ministry — still more

7. That if by radical reform if peacefully consented to no change of property whatever
would be the consequence: no change of power other
than of that what sort which takes place has been wont to upon a change of
Ministry, only added to that which take in consequence
of a change of Ministry is wont to take place in the state
of the Representation: except that in these latter cases the
change would take effect upon a more extensive scale.

8. Radicalism resisted
immediate consequence
evil now open or
secret, ultimate
despotism disguised or
undisguised, or commonwealth:
if commonwealth, confiscation
of adverse property

8. But that if radical reform should continue to be resisted in the
manner in which it has begun to be resisted, a civil war either open
or secret will be the immediate consequence and the ultimate consequence
either a an des undisguised
despotism, or a commonwealth:
and that in the
last case confiscation
and sale of the property of
the unsuccessful party
will be the natural
and utmost certain consequence.

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