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1820 Apr. 9

Radicalism not dangerous
(3) 3 § Bill of Rights abrogated

But though not so great as it seemed to be, in practice there were
it was found adequate other circumstances by which it was rendered sufficient. These This
circumstances were circumstance was the existence of a Pretender to the throne Crown
with a party in the Country not that altogether an inconsiderable
one for his support. The of the exiled determined and
then Against the reigning Monarch on the throne, the partisans
of the exiled Monarch were at all times enemies as Kings were to the liberties of the people as ready to lend their
support to the friends of the people. Accordingly down to the
close of the reign of George the second's reign we find them they may be seen acting
in opposition to the Whig Ministry, acting by that means
on various occasions in opposition to misrule acting in
a manner beneficial to the people at large: opposing every
encrease to the standing army, opposing any encrease to the
extent of taxes acting even in opposition to the parliamentary
corruption, and in support of parliamentary reform


But the when compared with the present state of things, the
most immediate and manifest security consisted in the smallness
of the regular standing army.

So often as allusion is made to it the potency of this
engine appears nev not to have been at time sufficiently
apprehended. Men do not seem to have ever been sufficiently
aware, that without using the upon the circumstance
magnitude of this instrument the security of the people against
that misrule which is in a greater or less degree inescapable from Monarchy
depends more than upon all other circumstances taken together,
and in particular those upon the state which the rule of
notice is in, even in respect of the constitutional branch of law: in this instrument being not
of exceeding a certain magnitude

so much that while at one time the security is practically adequate, at
another time, the state of the law as well as th of the government
in every respect being completely unchanged, exactly the same the security may
have been completely done away, and the government changed from a mixt monarchy
to an unmixt despotism

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