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1820 Apr. 9.

Radicalism not dangerous
(6) 6 § Bill of Rights abrogated

In a word when the ten thousand men were asked and
granted the ten thousand men for the sole and avowed purpose
of preventing the people from manifesting their desires
and affections in favour of pur a reform in parliament, then
it was and time for the first time that among the causes
for which in Great Britain and standing army was desired
was that of keeping the people in subjection in such
sort as to prevent them to communicating freely with one
another for that purpose — in a word to prevent their applying
to its professed declared and hitherto sole according to
universal occupation its useful sole purpose and that a useful
purpose that clause in the Bill of Rights

A note A law passed for Note well that though this be
army of ten thousand men was the only force established for this
express purpose, yet in addition over and above to this body there has all
along existed, and still exists an army of ten times the magnitude
applicable to this same purpose up to an unlimited proportion To the maintaining
of the government in the possession of the distant dependency
supposing the possession of them to contribute to the of the
body of the people and not instead of then as is really the case to their impoverishment
scarce is small indeed is any part of that vast force which
is really necessary any more than to the keeping of the Empire
of the those in possession of his just rights imperial powers: [+] [+] for where there is
no enemy th in
force them aside no
so that to the
pouring in almost the whole of it upon occasion against the
body of the people there exist no other obstacles than the temporary
one opposed constituted by local distance.

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