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1820 Feb. 22
Radicalism not dangerous

+ + §.7. ult
III Experience
II Ireland

(1) 5 §7. J.B. Parl. Cat confirmed

Positions like a
Parl. Cat. confirmed
1. From radicalisation
and thence democratic
ascendency, considerable
mischief came.
2. To the people confidence under
radicalism, rank
and opulence would
be a recommendation
even too strong.

§. 7. Positions of the authors in Ireland to Parl. Reform Catechism confirmed

In the Introduction another work, in the Introduction
to the Catechism of Parliamentary Reform in speaking of
radical reform and its inseparable concomitant accompaniment democratic
ascendency among the positions therein ventured to
be advanced are these two three — namely that from any such
arrangement no mischief produced by anarchy or any
considerable misconduct on the part of the body of the people
would ensue — that on every occasion the man that would every other
most distinguished by rank and opulence would be
so far from exclusion rank and opulence would in this and every
other occasion operate on their minds in the way of recommendation —
and that towards the obtainment of
their popular confidence these qualities so far from not operating
with so much effect as with a view to the interest of
the people would be desirable, would speak with too
great an effect.

Sole source of consideration? Mankind
Nature of man
and General history

The particular case
or Ireland had not
then presented itself
[J.B. drawing point of
the period in habits
with the Minister of the
day, thence occasionally
in contact with
leading men fresh from

Consideration Observation of the nature of man in every situation —
recollections derived from general history from lectures
in general, were at all times the only sources from thence
these persuasions had been derived. The particular case
here in question — the pa case of Ireland as above had not at did not on
that time presented itself that occasion happen to present itself in any particular manner to
my view. [At that time I was not only of at a time of
life at which if at any a man is qualified for and disposed
to make obb observation but during a part of the period in question I was moreover in habits with the
Minister of the day, and of ever coming into contact with this or that
man of distinction fresh from Ireland.


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