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1820 Feb 4
Radicalism not dangerous

III Experience
II Ireland
J.B. Conclusion
Succeeding miseries

Principal Authors of the succeeding miseries, the Aristocracy
through Charlemont.

Not to view the loss of that state of with the most poignant regret

Not to view the recommencement with encrease, followed by the long continuance, of that scene of profligacy, oppression, barbarity and misery which recent history presents
to us, of which so many yet alive have been witnesses, is — to be
not a friend but in an enemy to mankind in general, and the Irish
nation in particular

To give some colour of probability to the notion to any such action as that
To render it apparent is in one degree probable that the cause
which for such a succession of years produced an
harvest of such felicitous effects, remain of as a truth for those
who to the opinion of it being worth the while who in think their own eyes are equal to it add the characteristic
and in their opinion the power: that the effect
produced by acknowledged causes with in would in the sudden
reverse character serve rather too much to be taken without any assigned cause for the change have reversed
for granted. Yet But where is the absurdity and more
where in the course of profligancy into which men will
not place, and without any the least symptom sign of concern
when others; in what appears to them a sufficient number,
are seen by them to be to be stand by them seen by them lending
their contrivance?

[+] if it were to be done by
if assumption in the
teeth of fact could do
the business, of that
there have been no want

The public of which an ordinary man stands the more
public by which opinion has evident is influenced — is — all the
great public but the little public in which he moves.

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