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1820 Jany 19
Radicalism not dangerous

III. Experience
III Ireland After period

(5) Sheffield against Reform

In his Lordship's eyes so palpably absurd is the opposite
theory . . the opposite arithmetic the opposite mode of computation
that in his view of the matter a single scornful word of scorn epithet scorn
word of scorn is sufficient scorn is expressed by a single word for the computation of it "Perhaps p. 361
says he we shall be told that the advantage of the many not
of the few should be considered: that the majority should govern
&c. The author will not dispute with these sentimental
politician: he thinks it sufficient at present to reason about
"things as they are" by which he means if he means any
thing that all things that are are right were it only because
they are: and then after all the encomiums he had been pressing
upon these armed associators by whom so many things
had been resident so widely different from what they were.
That the numeration table was one effusion of sentimentalism
is what I one should not have expected to hear had not his
Lordship then given us to understand it was: so to be/as much it is rather
the "opposite supposition should the quality of sentimentalism
be attributed: for when a reason is given why the majority few
should govern it is always in on their excellence that their
title so to do is grounded: ask the Whigs else: whose
claim to power has always wins any other for its title
but that these ever excellent parties are quite ever so explicit as
his Lordship is. We if any thing are the persons who should
govern, but why? not for the advantage of us few, but for the
advantage of the many, who poor creatures souls would never be
able to govern themselves could never be able to obtain any
tolerable comprehension of their own interests: nor perhaps
not the few should govern because that the reason why we should
govern is that because we are so few, but because we are so excellent.

Ask Lord Erskine and
Mr Perry
the Morning Chronicle else.

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