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1820 Feb. 5
Radicalism not dangerous

III Experience
II Ireland

(4) Charlemonts treachery

As for Mr Hardy, in whose work seems to have been the fruit product
of pure gratitude unalloyed by hope in which he says of his declared
friend here and elsewhere, through labouring as hard to inform
deception into others he seems to have been in his own person
fully unprequated with it. His affection seems to have been
kindly: wanting nothing but to have been a little more enlarged.

The only use principal not to say the only use of the
world he seems to know of in the world is that of a place
in which such rare men as the Noble Lord patron, by whose to move and
favour shine on: the noble patron he sat in three successive parliaments — and who
had so exquisite refined a task for all those exquisite enjoyments from all
participation of in which the great majority of the people as
that and every other community are stand excluded.

By the nature of his situation he (Mr Hardy) stood condemned
to a punishment not altogether dissimilar to that of the
Danaides in Virgils Hell and in a mixt gov Monarchy declined for all Aristocracy — doing and undoing at the same time,
tottering backwards and forwards, for and against the cause of the
people in diff two contiguous breaths or even in the same: For
putting off the evil hour Penelope in the night what she had been doing in
the day. For Day or night this article whatever these articles are doing with one hand

In p they are undoing with the other. See what good things yet what In p275 what good things Conventions are? Yes alas!
what bad things! how necessary yet at some time yet how distinctive
at all times! What delightful things supposing them
never, what horrible things supposing them ever, to take place?
Yet in the United States they not only take place, but are
proposed in the first place by the Government. See Think of
the speech of Charles Governor of the State of New York see his
Speech in which he proposes is the first to propose that the Convention should assemble
should assemble! and for what purpose? For the purpose of settling
what such official
emoluments may be
most advantageously
reduced, and the abuse
melded to patronage when
possessed by Board.

[+] always good in theory,
always bad in practice
how candid, how liberal how temperate
how moderate! patriotism
regulated by procedure
Behold the Whiggism! and bar Whiggism when is it but true evidence? Whiggism of the Whigs of Ireland, drawn from the purest of all sources
or rather from the only pure source, [+] [+](is it not Lord Erskine?) the Whiggism evidence of the Whigs of England.

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