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III Experience
II Ireland
Belfast patriots

"The poorest man in the land pays taxes for
"his fire, his candle, for his potatoes and cloathing:
"and the poorer he is, the greater occasion he has for a
"vote to protect what little he has, which is necessary
"not to his gratification merely, but to his very existence.
"He has a property in his labour, and in the value
"it will bring in the market, the field, or the manufactory;
"a property on account of its smallness, of
"more real value to him than thousands of pounds to the
"rich and luxurious; a property, which must render him
"more interested in the honest disposal of the public money,
"since one additional tax may crush him,
"than those can be who receive that public money by
"virtue of places without employment, and pension
"without merit.

"Property is merely the collection of labour,
"it possesses the very same qualities before, as after it is
"collected into a heap; and the labour of the lowest
"rank is as real, and ought to be as really represented
"as the most fixed and solid property.

"Opposition seemed surprised, that the people
"should view their debates with indifference. We will
"tell them the reason. It is because no thing passes of
"a nature to animate and interest that people. Nothing
"from which an individual can promise himself
"more happiness, or the community more splendour;
"it is because enthusiasm no longer lights up
"the countenance of Grattan, and swells every heart
"with something great and good, and with a prospect
"of something greater and better; it is because there
"appears no internal spring of action, no fixture of
"character! but good and bad qualities, as it were external;
"and neither virtues nor vices of their own. It
"is because once in seven years the people are treated as
"majesty, and in the interval mal-treated as mob.

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