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1820 Feb. 1
Radicalism not dangerous

III Experience
II Ireland

(1) Causes

Plowden II Anx I or III p.431

Radicalis reform and failed of taking place. Democratic ascendency
ceased. Such are the known notorious results. Fine of these notorious effects lon
what were the causes?

Many subordinate men have been brought held up to view or are discoverable;
but they are all absorbed in the original and principally
efficient one. the opposition between of the interest of the
Elected leaders of the Associated and armed Volunteers, to that
of their Electors and Constituents: in a crowd of the aristocratical
interest to the democratical interest, of the interest of the
few to that of the many. The few were in a condition to maintain with or without consent with the Monarchists
a sufficient among themselves a sufficient union: and to
with or without actual consent, to cooperate in a manner
suited well adapted to the attainment of the common end: the many
were not in any such condition. . They For the most part
they placed, as was natural, their confidence in the leaders
whom they had chosen: they trusted to their professions. But
the professions were all fake, and it was with a predetermination
to frustrate all measure the extensively exclusively beneficial
to the interest of the many, that the few had endeavoured or consented
to take the hand: the Commander in chief in particular
as he in his own person as well as in that of his biographer
has informed us.

Had the interest of the many their constituents been the interest let preferred
by the leaders they would have taken advantage of the state of
the Enemy: they would have struck with while the nail was hot
they would have subdued the Parliament instead of while the Government, the real enemy, was still in a state of debility, and the French their nominal enemies
but their real friends
were in force, and in
a state to give them support

without bloodshed without need so much as of that gentle force
by which Cromwell displaced the Long Parliament when they had
degenerated into a permanent Aristocracy they would have subdued
the Parliament instead of delivering up their constituents
to be subdued by it: to be subdued by it, and replaced in a
state of servitude and misrule not essentially different from that
from which from for the
moment they had been

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