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1819 Decr 1819
Radicalism not dangerous

IV Experience in
II Ireland
Government averse

While the Golden age in Ireland Utopia was there receiving a too short lived reality was thus brought back in Ireland
and Utopia realised, Government in England the tyrants at Westminster was in agonies.
No wonder. How could it have been otherwise? Not only
was its their impatience notorious, but the difference not only was
the grasp of tyranny weakened loosened and good upon the most extensive seats
operated in spite of the their , but the appalling
example of good done by other hands In lower orders was made manifest
and the difference between preferableness of democratic ascendency
to monarchico-aristocratical ascendency placed
in broad day-light. They cajoled: they threatened: cajoling all
and threatening were was in In fact to constitute a court Compulsion staring
him in the face, the name word and nothing more out of sight
after a few wry faces, Anticus Pistol opened his mouth
and the ex for this time converted into a shamrock
was swallowed. [In fact] Whence came it to be swallowed
what was it that forced open his locked-jaw? To constitute
a complete and universal rebellion, nothing but the name and volume and ill success had
been wanting. Of this virtuous auspicious most virtuous quiet/gentle and for a
term happiness felicitous of all rebellion that history ever recorded
a string of oppression-relaxing Statutes — Statutes which to
this day ransom laws were among the fruits.

To the enemy more
than to the Monarch
to the Mon
him who witnesses
himself at Westminster
was Ireland indebted
for this blessing: for th
the enemy of the con

by the enemy it had
been produced, against
it the enemy felt no
cause of repugnance
of him who in religion
by act of parliament
is most religious, could
not but be extreme
to see the joint powers if
to feel the joint powers of
terror and corruption
turned into impotence
in his hands what
sensation more acute

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