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1819 Nov. 30
Radicalism not

II Experience
6 II Ireland

Plowdens History of Ireland II 455 from the Irish Parliamentary debates
p.80 Appendix Vol 44, No XCVII

13 or 5
On the of 1783
Grattan spoke against
that instrument then
in full operation of
every thing excellent
in government a set
speech: as per Plowden
III.97. from Irish
Parl. Debates. Vol 44

On the of 1783 it was that Mr G in
the Irish House of Commons stood up and delivered, against
that undisputed and universally known instrument of
every thing that was most excellent in government and
morality, that instrument being at the very time in full
operation, the followi a a set-speech of from which the following
are extracts. It is printed by Mr Plowden in the
Appendix to his History of Ireland Vol. III No XCVII
By somebody it should seem something on behalf of
radicalism had been advanced for this part of Mr Grattans speech
begins as follows

14 or 6
'Personal or individual
representation (says he)
is worse than the abuses
"so defended"
means by him of
course D of Richmond's

"Worse than the abuses so defended is a plan I have
"seen for their information — personal or individual representation."
It was probably the Duke of Richmond's plan
which had for some time been in circulation there as
well as here

15 or 7
His arguments belong
not to this place.
Per conclusion,
"The revolution of power
would speedily lead
to a revolution of
property "plunder"
"confusion",, robbery

He then proceeds to combat it by a train of argument
which belong not to this plan: What belongs to the plan, is
the conclusion which is in the words following.

"Such would be the state of election under this plan
"of personal representation, which from a revolution of
"power would speedily lead to a revolution of property, and
"become a plan of plunder as well as a scene of confusion;
"for if you transfer the power of the state to
"those who have nothing in the Country, they will afterwards
"transfer the property, and annex it once more to
"the power in their own persons; give them your power
"and they will give themselves your property; of such
"a representation as this plan would provide, the first
"ordinance would be robbery — accompanied with the
"circumstance incidental to robbery — murder."

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