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1819 Nov. 30
Radicalism not

II. Experience
5 II. Interest

18 or 10
True and rational
Argument not findable
fallacy in some
shape or other if
any thing must be

When that which for the defence of a man is engaged by interest to defend
can not any prospect of success nothing which is
at the same time true and rational and true can be
found, for the defence of it something in the shape of
fallacy or falsehood or in both shapes must be formed.

19 or 11
To every bad crime
are applicable a
set of phrases which
for this purpose are
wont to be employed.
In so far as received
these bad arguments
answer the purpose of
good; just as bad
money does.

Every bad cause has a set of phrases for the definition of it which in default
of relevant and properly closely arguments are wont to be employed.
They are a sort of bad money which where, and as long
as it will be accepted, and without discount, answers a
mans purpose as well as good.

20 or 12
Per J.B. a collection
made of them:
from 40 to 50.
Most of them irrelevant:
all of them
evidence of consciousness
of badness of cause

I have made a collection of from 40 to 50 of those
which with the experience respectively applied to them I
hope will ere long make their appearance whether the
matter be alive or dead. Most of them agree on this
as being irrelevant to the m with relation to the matter in
hand whatever it be, irrelevant: all of them agree on this
namely that the use of them is in evidence not only
of a bad cause, but of a consciousness of its badness
in the breast of him who uses them: evidence, which
according to circumstances is more or less conclusive.

21 or 13
Amongst them are
an exemplification
of which is the indiscriminate
hand of
the English Constitution
under that name.
In this every office
and institution
too flagitious to be any
of them defended singly
are all praised in its lump

Any One of these are of the most in use as a vague entry
of the English Constitution.

The use made of it is to defend every thing that is most
absurd and most flagrative of those things which are done by men
in power. Every thing that is done by them being done under the
English Constitution in this their way it is that every thing be it ever
so absurd and flagitious may at all times be eulogized. Failing
time one by one, not one of them p suppose could by the most
shameless effrontery be defended with any prospect of success, yet
by this one curt phrase they are defended altogether all together.
Defended and with what success is made known and felt to every
body by sad experience.

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