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1819 Decr 1
Radicalism not

Note (b) 2 Notes
II. Experience

(2) 2 II. Ireland
Leaders higher orders

(b3) (5) (6) continued b (3)

Hardy 197. It was fortunate for Ireland that there should
"have been at that time, a growth of men, capable of restraining
"popular excess; to whose understanding the people easily committed
"themselves, and by whose prudence they triumphed."

b (1)
(b1 (5) (6) continued

Hardy 178. "Hume observes, that the Revolution of 1688
"was accomplished by the first persons in the country, in rank
"and entitled, leading the people. Hence it ended in liberty,
"not confusion. The revolution of Ireland in 1782 was
" manner".

(b2) (5) (6)continued b (2)

Hardy 196. The Duke of Leinster, the Earl of Clanricarde,
Lord Charlemont, not to mention other Noblemen, and
Gentlemen of the highest stations, commanded them in different districts.
different districts


Adolphus III. 170 . . . "The popular leaders of Irish politics gave
"every encouragement to these establishments; the Duke of Leinster
"accepted the command of the Dublin Corps. Men of fortune and
"family bore muskets in the ranks, and contempt and derision
"were the portion of them who refused their services."

Copy down to mind
in last line but two


Hardy 244 254. A w Ao 1783 On the fr A circumstance, apparently
trivial, but a recount by the old court to wound Lord Charlemont
"took place on the first day of the opening of Parliament. He had been accustomed to
"move the thanks of the Lords to the volunteers. But the Duke of Leinster, who acted
"entirely with Lord Nothington's Administration, now anticipated him. Neither
"jealousy, (though his Grace and Lord Charlemont had in the earlier days of
"the Volunteers, contended for the command of them) nor the desire of
"hurting the feelings of the venerable Earl, had, I am convinced, the most
"feeble operation on his mind."

(b6) Lord Sheffield p. 370. "It is a point of justice to acknowledge,
"that the Volunteer Officers were in general highly respectable, and
"distinguished both by their public talents and private virtues,
"and there are still among them, men of the first rank and
"consequence in the country."

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