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1819 Dec. 27
Radicalism not dangerous

1 C 1 12
III Experience
I. Rules

(1) 1 Sc

12 or 1
Democratic ascendency
thus ascendable
to find right
of property secure
against subversion
look — not to Monarchico-Aristocratical
but pure Democracy

13 or 2
Anglici secure
against plundering
from financier and
lawyer no unmoveable
property is.
On every transfer or
settlement, secure
of being subject to it. (a)

14 or 3
Nor against loss of
the whole by bad titles;
so thick the uncertainties
on which the lawyer
by the assistance of the other corruptionists
have involved the
acts of

Yes: Well then: if
No. Democratic ascendency being is thus unconsiderable, those
who would wish to see "the rights of property" secure against
"subversion", it is not to name Monarchico-Aristocratical ascendency
but to pure Democracy that they must look
for it. Ah! when will those rights be so secure in England
as they have always been in the every one of
the United States? In England, where I had almost acted,
where is the mass of hundred property in an unusable
shape that is secure? Secure against plunderings
to an enormous amount from that the conveyancing
tribe of the men of law and the men of finance together, none is: on the contrary,
upon any transfer or new settlement secure of being
subjected to it: (a) secure even against the loss of the whole
by bad titles nobody is: so thick is the uncertainty
in which by a system of the most elaborately organized and matchless confusion, unknown
in every other country they h
the company in the
regiment of corruptionists have by the association of the others succeeded in involving
the branch of the fate of condition of the landed property of the country by the power of the and association
the rule of action on this behalf, by the power and assistance of the
rest. Ask the Marquis Lord Clinton else: ask Lord Holland else:
universal ask so many other landhol great landholders, whose Lord land, has stepped from
after having
been settled upon them
by the Bar, has been
torn from them by
the Bench. But
why open the wounds
of the plundered?
Holland : ask the Conveyancers plunderers themselves — ask any of

Ask Lords
Clinton, Holland &c nay ask
conveyancers themselves

Behold in this insincerity the just and natural and just punishment
of aristocratical injustice: the that injustice unnatural which
sacrifices of the unnatural fathers who, sacrifice all
but one to the one with wealth cram with indolence and insolence that one.
and produce that one one of his children, sacrifices all the rest.
with and several the

13 (a) or 2 (a)
the subject of a marriage
settlement: £2,700
the costs

Note (a)
£28,000 the value of a mass of property put into settlement on the
which except that of power their eyes are capable of
occasion of a marriage: £2,700 the costs of the conveyance — Some
beholding it
years ago, this was stated to me by a Conveyancer of the first eminence
as a fact within his knowledge.

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radicalism not dangerous

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radicalism not dangerous





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