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1820 Jan. 11.
Radicalism not dangerous

+ 4 2o
II. Ireland


or 1
Positions respecting the
Irish case
1. For 5 years 1778 to
1783, democratic ascendency
2. Subversion of property
3. Subversion of the Constitution
4. Preponderant evil, none.
5. Preponderant good much.
6. Laws thereby produced still
existing and deemed good
6 7. Democratic ascendency
more liable to produce
evil there and then
than now and here

To bring the matter argument to a point, and place in the
clearest view possible its bearings on the present question, I
shall proceed to give expression to it in the following positions
accompanying such positions being accompanied with the historical proof
and adding when occasion seems to require a few explanations explanatory particulars

The positions are these

Position the first. During a course of not less than five years
namely from 1778 to 1783, both of those numbers in part
inclusive, democratic ascendency in Ireland.

Position 2. During the continuous continuance of
democratic ascendency in Ireland no "subversion of the
"rights of property", nor any attempt at towards any such
subversion had took place

Position 3. During the continuance of democratic
ascendency in Ireland, no "subversion of the constitution,
or nor any attempt towards the any such subversion
had took place.

Position 4. During the continuance of democratic ascendency
in Ireland, it was not productive of preponderant evil, or of considerable evil,
in any other shape.

Position 4 5 During the continuance of democratic
ascendency in Ireland, "of preponderant good a pro mass altogether prodigious The felicity of the people was in all
points morality tranquillity and morality included
greater than had ever been known before, or has ever been
known since, ever known since democratic ascendency
ceased, and a monarchico-aristocratical ascendency
having the reinstated itself has continued.

Position 4 Position 6. The democratic ascendency
so then established was more in danger of producing evil
in the above shapes than would be democratic ascendency
would be if established by the proposed reform proposed under the
name of radical
reform in the Commons
House of the British and
Irish Parliament.

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