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1820 Jany 13
Radicalism not dangerous

+ + 7
III Experience
II Ireland

5 §.1. Historical sketch

29.11. Each gained
their prime object

Success followed accompanied and crowned the union. The parties gained, each of them,
The union was successful, each of the allied parties
the prime object of its wishes. The aristocracy gained
its independence or an independence state established, the
people obtained more or less of what they had so long sighed
for under the name of free trade: and in addition to those
some more objects of indispensable utility was accomplished

30.12 Yet, by the constituted
authorities was every
thing done: by convention
to its constituted bodies,

All this while, whatever was done, was done it was by the
constituted authorities that it was done: by them alone, and in all the accustomed
forms: neither by the Convention, more nor by any of the bodies by
which it was formed, was any mandate issued — any other
act of authority in any shape exercised. What In their character of
Members of Parliament it was in that character and no other, that the Members of the Convention, or those
of the bodies by which it had been formed, introduced into presented to
Parliament whatever was done, or prayed to be done in by Parliament.

32.14. English correspondent
operations necessary.
Discovered as
by revelation, loyalty
as well as utility of
measures, imagination
of which would but
for allies of American
rebels have been treason

These operations in Ireland could not be carried into
effect without corresponding operations in Ireland England. When the time On a sudden
came or if by revelation Honourable Gentlemen and Noble Lords at Westminster
discovered, or as it were on the sudden as if by revelation, not only the utility but the loyalty
as with the utility of those measures, the bare endeavour in imagination of which would but for the French and S
American rebels and their allies, have been high treason.

33.14. Through conviction
every thing; compulsion,

Every thing was done through conviction It was through conviction of course that every thing was done: through conviction every thing; by compulsion, nothing. nothing by compulsion.

34.15. Stationed by
Minister, J.B. saw
Chancellor Camden swallowing
the lock in Lords.

Stationed for at the time by the Minister of the day the purpose in an odd corner of Right Honourable
House, methinks I still hear and see Lord Camden.
this the Lord High Chancellor of the day swallowing in the character of
Antient Pistol, swallowing the presented lock with the
bad grace imaginable.

35.16. Dim the recollection:
one the few
instances to which a love
of his country and abhorrence
of corruption can look back
with pleasure.

Dim is the recollection to my heart: rare indeed one It presents to me
not the less dear for being so. It is one of the very few times, in
House Honourable and or Peoples Honourable, to which [+] [+] a man who loves his
country, and hates abhors the
corruptions which was are its bane,
I even
under the reign of corruption I a man who abhors corruption
can look back with pleasure.

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