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1820 Jan.y 22
Radicalism not dangerous

III Experience
II Ireland

(2) (1)

Morn Chron. 22 Jany 1820 German's letter
Landsthurm the universal armament

or 4 or 1
4 In Ireland the plebeian conclusion
as here as every where
else plebeians were
deceived by patricians
and monarchists: in
Ireland then, as in Germany

In conclusion In Ireland the plebeian part of the Volunteers suffered
themselves to be deceived by the patrician, and monarchist as in all
places at all times all plebeians are ever have been
are and ever will be, as far as depends upon patricians
be deceived by patricians. and monarchists The plebeians in Ireland in
those days were deceived by patricians and monarchists
together as the plebeians in the case of the Landsthurm with some of the patricians
have been so lately deceived by Monarchists in conjunction with
others of the patricians in Germany.

or 5 or 2
5. Else, Volunteers would
in numbers as in
other points have been
the German Landsthurm
universal armament
superseding need of
armament, except
a small part for a
basis and point of

If they had not thus suffered themselves to be deceived
the Irish Volunteers had the system continued in force would in respect the article of proportionate numbers.
what have been what the Landsthurm actually
was in Germany: a system of free and universal armament
under freely chosen commanders, superseding
with the exception of a small permanent portion to serve as a basis and point of union
all need and all use of a partial armament under
the command of persons named by the Monarch

6. or 6 or 3
6 Thus for Ireland
what Ægis proposed
for England.

It would have been in and for Ireland exactly
what Major Cartwright in his English Æges so long ago proposed for England.

or 7 or 4
to Ægis Whigs and
Tories have always
been silent: prudently
on the part of the
interested opposers of proposed
good, as long as possible

When In relation to that proposal From the time when it first made its appearance to the
present both Whigs and Tories have preserved as any as
might have been assured they would, a prudent silence .. For
when in the to those whose interest stands opposed to it any
thing good is proposed, that course so long as it appears
capable of being pursued with safety is the course that
prudence dictates.

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