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1820 Jan.y 22
Radicalism not dangerous

III. Experience
II. Ireland

(3) (2)

or 8 or 5
8. Absurd visionary
and senseless, a wild
visionary would
have been said if any
thing. Never so long
as such received in
lieu of argument will
it be abstained form

What has been is in full pretence
will be pronounced

What is notoriously
salutary, subversive
of property, conflation,
and general happiness,
if general happiness be
deemed worth remembering
by one to whom all
happiness but that
of his own near connection
is indifferent

Had any thing happened which in their judgment rendered
it necessary or advisable that this prudential course
should be departed from and that in relation to any
such proposal something should be said; "absurd
and senseless" or "wild and visionary" would of course in something
or something of the like character and to the like effect
would of course have been in the first place the answer given to it
For never indeed so long as language of this sort is received
in lieu of argument never will language of this
sort fail of being bestowed upon exhibited in form tendered in the character of a
sufficient refutation of that to which private interest
renders men a man averse and of which alike ill conduciveness
to universal interest have been proved and can not
be disproved. controverted Let the fact of its being already in
practice share a view ever so closely in the face, he will
not so long as he can find among in them with whom he
has a disposition to say yes have any the smallest
scruple at reluctance to continuing to pronounce it impracticable.
Let the fact of its being productive followed/attended with of none but the
most salutary consequences stare him as closely in
the face, he will not in that same state of things
find any greater difficulty in pronouncing it not only
pernicious but ruinous and utterly obstructive subversive
of the rights of property subversive of the constitution
the matchless constitution — subversive of every thing
in which human happiness of depends: of human happiness
if haply it seems for forms sake to him advisable to take that or
any other notice of that which is reality is a matter of such perfect indifference to him
as human happiness is
with the exception of that small part of humankind on whose happiness his own happens to be regarded by him as in some way or other depending.

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