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1820 Jany 22
Radicalism not dangerous

III. Experience
II Ireland

(5) (4)

or 12 or 9
Wild and visionary &c
Yes the expectation that
constituted authorities
Tories or Whigs would
come into any such
plan otherwise than
by necessity.

Wild and visionary indeed might the expectation scheme with
be truly with reason prominent of tim that man if any such there
be, who should propose it with accompanied with
any expectation that any thing power short of that of necessity
should engage the constituted authorities in any one of the three kingdoms — should engage
with Tories or Whigs t should engage Borough mayors
or County-bounders of either party to come into it, or
so much as endure the mention of it.

or 13 or 10
Gone, probably never
to return the state of
things which in Ireland
but for patrician
deception might by
universal armament
and suffrage effected
universal temporal
salvation. Circumstances
never more to
be enjoyed — 1. Foreign
invaders in force now
threatening; 2. Government defenceless.
3. Laws not such
as to trial as
highest crimes the
only means of salvation.
Laws every
day worse and worse.
For salvation sole means
improvement of people's
mind, without external

No: gone, and but too probably never to return
is that state of things which in Ireland, had not the
plebeians suffered themselves to be perce deceived
to be persuaded or terrified deterred by the patricians, in Ireland and thence in England and Scotland might
have ended in universal armament for self-defence.
in universal suffrage and
in a temporal at least not to speak of a spiritual guise, universal
salvation. An A foreign enemy threatening thrones, and
not without probability of success, a Government at the same time destitute
of all means of defence — laws not in a state to
regard trial the only means of salvation in the footing of the
most flagitious criminality, these are circumstances
the carr continuance of which is to this degree which
must be apparent to every eye, incompatible with every
thing that in two at least of the three kingdoms either
have existence or were the any the slightest colour of
probability. As to a foreign enemy in any such form, neither
for the purpose of danger nor for the purpose of salvation is he
any where to be found. As to the laws, they will continue day
day, unless by the pressure they produce they should then burst one day burst
day by day more and more compleatly exclusive of all possibility
of salvation or relief,
in any such shape.
For salvation from the
very pit of human
misery there remains
no other possible cause
than the unreserved
improvement of the public
mind, unaffected
by any external circumstances.

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