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1820 Apr. 7

III Experience II Ireland
(2) 2 §. Reforms indispensable cause

As to affection as
to reform, now are
officers as Privates,
those qualified to lead
and those qualified
only to follow

With relation to the faculty reform the population of the
country may be divided considered as/distinguished into two classes — the officer class
and the private class: and the officer class those who in either character civil
or military are not qualified for any thing but to follow,
and those who in these several gradations of which viz an army
affords the exemplification are qualified to taker the lead.

Officers are —
1. Non politicians or
2. Politicians

The officer class again may be distinguished into
those who po do not pay any special attention to political
questions and those who do. non-politicians and

By To non-politicians
no imperfection being
attended to every
thing is as it should be.

As to those the non-politicians so long as they
the establ government carried on in these forms and under
those names to which they are accustomed, every thing
will in their eyes be in Blackstone's phrase as it should be.
Nothing but the most flagrant and barefaced and flagrant acts of tyranny
will ever be able to rouse them from their apathy

By no politicians
is labour of attention
bestowed without adequate
cause: viz
special interest.

As to the politicians the special attention paid by them
is an effect that can and has been produced but by
an adequate cause. This adequate cause must have been
special interest. Only by special interest can special attention
that is special labour of the mind be produced. But
the misfortune is — that compared with the quantity of
the obj mass of the objects of general desire operating of itself
in the character of matter of corruption so small is the
number of those who at any given point of time, abstraction made of extraordinary
causes of excitation possess any such special
interest that in the eyes case of the great majority every/each member of the persons
possessing the special interest the value of the interest his share in the wages of mass of the matter
corruption will be of greater more value than his value of
his share in the universal interest.

Then so far they will
see there is got by
encreasing — the answer
than by resisting it

Few as yet are the
minds in which
adequate special interest
is produced by other
cause than the matter
of corruption in possession
or expectancy,
and in those the value
share they have in the
wages of corruption — in
the corresponding parties
and sinister interest
will be greater in value
than the share in the universal interest of

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