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1820 April 25
Radicalism not dangerous

III. Experience II Ireland
10 §.2. Democratic &c

To Church of Englandists
neither in possession nor
expecting of any
part of this plundering
it would naturally be
a source of discontent

Even Of the 400,000 members of the ruling domineering party, those
who to be were neither of in possession nor in expectancy
of any share in the profits of the plunderings, and who
to the absence of sinister interest in this shape added
the means of and talent of political observation would naturally be of the
number of the discontented: nor in their eyes would
the those of any their share in an unprofitable privilege a privilege unprofitable afford
any compensation for the loss of by plunderage in the
aggregate of the abovementioned shapes. |

But in Ireland
in particular, such
the quantity of the
matter of corruption
and such the number
led captive by every
lot of it, no limits
can be set to the power
of it in ordinary times.

But such was
in that country the quantity of the matter of wealth
employing itself in the character of matter of corruption,
and such in every country the powerful and baneful
nature of it, that those out of the whole aggregate 400,000 would
but too naturally constitute the lesser numbers, for so it
is that by one lot of the matter of corruption in possession,
the minds of expectants in any a number
to which there are no limits may be held in bondage

Thus in every
country the greater the
quantity of plundering
the greater the
number of sub-depredators
ready to be
employed in maintaining
and encreasing
it, and under the name
of loyalists, treating as
unfit to live, all who
try to have it lessened.

And thus it is that, in any government, the greater
the quantity is of the matter of wealth which is employed
or employs itself in the character of corruption, having
such depredators for the service of themselves and the depredator General
the greater is the quantity agg abundance of that rapacity which cloaks
itself under the name of loyalty, and regards and treats [+] under the name
of disrupter, disloyal

all those who are averse either to the sharing in it or
or aspiring under it as unfit to live

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