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1820 April 24
Radicalism not dangerous

III. Experience II. Ireland
11 Democratic &c

Yet at that time
so small was the
number of these corruptionists
that when
it became possible for
men to stand up to
profe express their
desire as freely as
now for these 40 years
in the S. those who
for profit would have
continued prostrate,
no longer durst for
fear of shame or

Enlisting themselves
with the willing Volunteers
these unwilling
ones added to their apparent
force and real

Of these now and then dependents put together so
small however was the number composition that when under a
favourable concurrence conjunction of circumstances it became possible,
and for the first time in that country possible, for men
to stand up without danger in that state of perfect
prudence in which for these forty years and more all
men have stood without exception as often as they pleased been
standing up in the United States, these men who for
the profit would have been glad to combine in the
attitude, of prostration, found it no longer practicable.
partly by fear of shame, partly by still more urgent fears
they found themselves, in a manner compelled, to take
arms in their hands, and by standing up with those the real
who in affection as well as name were Volunteers add
make a proportionable addition to their apparent numbers and
their apparent force, and thus to their real influence.

To p. 12 at top

Too much to say not
possible, but never actually
have people in any
country ever stood up
against government
without amply sufficient

In Ireland, per Tory
Lord Sheffield, a thousand
times more oppressed
than U.S.

From p.12

However improbable and unexampled It were may
perhaps be too much to say that it is not possible for the great majority
of a people to stand up and in their endeavours to effect
a change without a just and sufficient cause. If authority [+] On the
[+] But what may be
said with full assurance
is — that without
amply sufficient cause
on no instance from the
beginning of history have
they ever done so. In the
present instance

be looked for question concerning the justice and sufficiency in this instance In aid of judgement if authority be
looked for, an authority less capable of being objected to by
the determined supporters of all governments power howsoever exercised
can hand hardly be found any than in the
person of Lord the Earl of Sheffield in whose instance talent employed
decorated by wealth and employed in the manufacture of loyalty has found such high
and reward. At the time in question, Ireland, in according
to his Lordships declared opinion was a thousand times
more oppressed than America, the then recognized in will a already At the time in question, Ireland, in according
to his Lordships declared opinion was a thousand times
more oppressed than America, in case of the then recognized as well as already United

not forgotten, the
and expediture of

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