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1820 April 24
Radicalism not dangerous

XXIV + C 13 III Experience II Ireland
(1) 1 §.2. Democratic &c

31 or 1
Unexemplified favourableness
of the conjunction.
Besides so many
of its distant dependencies
Government had to contend
with France and
Spain; inferior at war
Ireland its most valuable

The conjunction was then thus an unexemplified one. [It was
this] The time was that of the American war: a war
in the cause of which in addition to so many of its distant dependencies
the British Monarchy had those of France and Spain
to contend well with. At Sea the superiority of Britain
which for some time was questionable became at length gave place
worse than questionable more than /to a decided inferiority became at length consorted with gave way at length to
a decided inferiority. An invasion was every day expected: and
Ireland, being the part of the new United Kingdom manifestly the most vulnerable, was
the part in which it was mostly if not exclusively expected.

32 or 2
To defend the country
and their power of it,
to British rulers all
of the alledged 20,000
necessary, no more
than 5000 men.
despite, the people
stood up in their
own defence.

Of two costs, foreign
conquests, and home
insubordination, government
does the least.

A time at length arrived, at which to defend for the defence of the
whole country, or rather their own power in it and over it
the British rulers could not muster any more than
5,000 men. 5,000 instead of the 20,000 which had been
demanded as necessary.] Deserted Abandoned by the government to their fate, the
people in various parts of the country, stood up and prepared
for their own defence. The government In this state of things the English rulers/constituted authorities had the choice
of two evils: to suffer the enemy to make a conquest
of the country, or to suffer the its inhabitants to take up arms
under th an utter the monstrosity of as to the case that would be
made of the power thus acquired. They Of the two evils
they chose that which even in regard t even to their own
particular ad interest was manifestly the least: they suffered
the people to take their course.

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radicalism not dangerous

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radicalism not dangerous





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