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1820 Apr. 24
Radicalism not dangerous

II. Ireland
(4) 4 §.2 Democratic &c

37 or 7.
General results,
Physical strength in
the hands of all who
chose to take part in
it. Established,
democratic ascendency.
Not democracy.
By Volunteer Commanders
no authority exercised:
all by constituted authorities
without change.
Corrupt as Parliament
notoriously was — object
of universally declared
aversion and contempt
every thing was done
by it under the lure
of the Ministry.

Effected, commercial
and parliamentary
emancipation. These the
objects of every Irish
wish, never could have
been effected but for the

In what was done
English rulers saw
what further could by the
people be done. There Hence
their acquiescence
and hence they were
suffered to do all that
was wished to be done.

In this state of things the physical power of the country
was manifestly in the hands of the people: of all such of
the people as chose to take a part of in the exercise of it.
In a word Democratic ascendency was fully established
Democratic ascendency — that and no more: not democracy:
for by neither by the armed between themselves
nor by any one of this class was any sort of authority
ever exercised [Expression of opinion not expressions
of will were the discourses which were made public by them
b as occasion served] Corrupt as it notoriously was, an object of
just universally declared aversion and contempt, nothing was done but what
was done by the Parliament that is by the Ministry, with both
officers proposed and past to do whatever should be required
Commercial emancipation and parliamentary emancipation
united the wishes of almost every body. Those we parts
were accomplished: and nothing could be more evident than that
but for the armed association they never could have been accomplished.
In what they the people were able could do to do did then the English rulers
and those who in Ireland were sold to them, saw what more in case
of necessity they would do: were capable of doing was and, thus saw, whatever was done
it was by the constituted authorities that it was done.

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radicalism not dangerous

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