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Ch. 10 Peoples best course
4 Grattan answered
Universality undangerous

"a struggle; they might in some places buy a mole, who by such
"a plan would be all Electors; they might beset the hustings with
"their retainers, who by such a plan would be all Electors, or
"they might purchase the votes of that great body of Electors
"introduced by such a plan into the Constitution, all the beggars
"in the neighbourhood. |

9. 2 Power of the Ministers
by do and military

"The Minister too, for the short time such
"a plan suffered king or Minister, could, in the corrupt confusion
"of each Election, preserve some influence by the application
"of the Treasury and the command of the army, he could
"have all the swords and votes of all the common soldiers. |

10.3. By the farmer
and Citizen these advantages
would not be

"But the farmer and the Citizen could have none of those
"advantages, and indeed what farmer or Citizen would go to the
"hustings of a medley of offenders met on a plan, || || So in the book where bayonets,
"bludgeons and whisky, elected the House of Commons?
"In the mean time the respect which the Landlord and Candidate
"now pay to the farmer and to the Citizen, would be at
"an end, |

11 Not to farmers and
Citizens but to labourers
and beggars would Landlords and
Candidates respect be

"and instead of resorting to the farmer for his vote and
"interest, the Squire would go to the farmer's dung yard and
"canvass the boys of his lawn, who would have more votes,
"though neither farm nor freehold; the consequence of the Citizen
"would be at an end also, and instead of going to his shop
"to ask the tradesman for his vote, the candidate would apply to
"the beggar on the Bridge, or the scavenger in the kennel,
"or to the hospitals on Charnel-row, and those places where the
"poor are now wisely supplied with bread, instead of being
"intoxicated with Handbills, offering, in the place of bread,
"the hopes of returning the Parliament, and becoming a
third constitutive part of the legislature. |

10 Summary — Give to
non proprietors your
power, they will give
to themselves your
property, by robbery
and murder.

"Such would be the State of election under this plan of
"personal representation, which from a revolution of power had
"speedily lead to a revolution of property, and become a plan
"of plunder as well as a scene of confusion; for if you
"transfer the power of the State to those who have nothing in
"the Country, they will afterwards transfer the property, and
"annex it once more to the power in their own persons; give them
"your power and they will give themselves your property; of such
"a representation as this plan would provide, the first ordinance
"would be robbery, accompanied with the circumstance incidental
"to robbery — murder"

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