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1819 Dec. 2
Radicalism not dangerous

II. Experience
(4) II. Ireland

What they really fear The real object of their fears is that result which would take
place of course, the loss of their seats the loss of a share
more or less considerable of the power which they possess.
What they pretend profess one and all to fear is — the
destruction of their property: that being an evil Of the
eventual loss of their seats they say as little as possible: why?
because in that loss they would have none to share with
them. Of the pretendedly apprehended loss of property
they say as much as possible — Why? because in that
loss supposing it to have place, all who have property
would be sharers

Among those who share in the pain the ruling few
there are some many might probably found so weak in mind as really to believe
in the doctrine which they are so busy in the promulgation
of: who really believe that if in this country that true
representation of the people which has place in America
were to have place, that mass of evil which nev has
never had place in America or any where else in
any civilized nation would have place. The m
of the If this be really their belief persuasion the more intense
their persuasion the more strenuous will be their determination and exertions
not to admitt exist of parliamentary reform in any whatever official
shape it may ever make its appearance. But they and
no such per additional motive inducement/incentive for resisting the change
with all their might, and destroying any carrying the destruction of whatever portion
of the people may be necessary to any proportion that
may be necessary for keeping the remainder subject to that
[irresistible] system of irresistible depredation to by which they have
so long been subjected. afflicted.

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