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1819 Dec 2
Radicalism not dangerous

II. Experience
5 II Ireland

That the p If there be a case any cases in which the on the part of
those who have applied their minds to the subject the insincerity of professions can be inferred with reason from
other parts of the discourse held by the same persons on the
same subject, it will surely be this. surely this may be reckoned as one Here as a ques
position question on the truth of which the propriety of the conduct manner
pu course of conduct to be pursued on the occasion, by the can not
confession of all parties turns: be desired to turn namely whether from
the establishment of radical reform destruction of property
would ensue. Now Of this question from first to last the affirmation has
been taken for granted. On what grounds? On none

Over and over again you have it from all sections
of the ruling few — from public bodies as well as from
individuals from Whig newspapers no not less than from
Tory Newspapers — that of radical reform general destruction
of property is [not only on the part of those who advocate
it the intended, but in itself] the certain consequence.

From Of all these men whose professed
assurance on this subject is so entire, from no one has there
ever been very the slightest attempt to produce any thing
like the so much as the slightest ground or commencement
of a ground for any such assurance.

The conclusion — perpetuation of the existing system
with the whole of its continually encreasing abuses
perpetuating a system of limited government in name a ruthless an absolutely
predatory despotism in effect — and thus acceded to by both parties,
on grounds facts in support of which they have none,
either of them been able to produce a single word — the
slightest attempt at argument.

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