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1819 Dec 2
Radicalism not dangerous

II. Experience
8 II Ireland
After Grattans Speech

I repeat it — the real object of terror and abhorrence is
not insecurity, but security; security of the many against
the tyranny of the few: against dep depredation and oppression
at the hands of the few against that tyranny to under which they
are now have so long been suffering and of which but for efficient radical reform
the yoke will be despair after despair more grievous till
despair leads produces utter general associated insurrection in
particular and scattered acts of incendiarism and assassination: assassination
commenced and provoked. I leave it to others to say justified
by themselves. [+]

Think you that in Scotland if the
qualification of an Elector were fixed as high as £100
a year the aristocracy of the country would consent to
a system of rep representation on the principle of secrecy,
practical equality and annuality or biannuality of
suffrage? Such was the question put t'other day by a friend to radical
reform to a friend of his high in lineage, in rank, and
in office, and but who himself was not a friend to radical
reform, "he" (was the answer) that they would act: they
would risk every thing they had first: they would risk
a civil war.

Thus So compleat is the absence of all public
virtue in the vast majority of lives in whom according
to the principle received and acted upon the extensive
possession of all virtue in every shape is to be found.

[+] Command I will say. For what better than assassination is that
slaughter though it be in name of punishment, for an act of the unlawfulness
of which supposing it unlawful the victim had no
possibility of being informed. In what manner can the name of justice
be more fragrantly or more shamelessly profaned, than by applying it to
acts of destruction committed on individuals so circumstanced? Yet
to have preceded in this
way and no other throughout
the whole of its answer
is the effectual and
manifestly characteristic
of that reproach to the
heart and understanding of
a civilized nature called by the manufacturers of this system of imposters and oppression and depredation the Common Law.

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