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1820 Jany 16
Radicalism not dangerous

III Experience
II Ireland Grattan

2 Grattan

Hence no reader is
to one by whom inter
design are deduced
from situation as to interest
and from conduct, that
as President of the Convention,
Noble patron deserted
peoples interest
as soon as opposed to
his aristocratic do
and that on side
was employed the
his patronized friends
hyperbolic and epigrammatic eloquence

In this state of things, Under these circumstances a man who reader in whose eyes by whose conduct
interest and conduct have been surer guides indications of
intentions designs and endeavours those words and professions can be
who has been accustomed to look for intentions object views and
and endeavours
rather in their interests and their conduct actions under
the influence of these interests than in any words or professions
or declarations of their own as any one for them
will not have been surprized at seeing Lor the Noble patron
deserting setting himself/deserting and crushing the power the interest cause of the people as soon as
in his situation of
President of the Convention
the body of which he
had been chosen three

by their influence help the aristocracy of which he was a Member
had gained its object: as little will be his surprize
at seeing the Noble Lord's patronized friend when the claim of the peoples claim
of a real representation instead of a sham one came
upon the carpet, thundering firing down upon it them and their cause from his seat
with all the force of his hyperbolic and epigrammatic eloquence.

Since the manifest impossibility
of any thing
better than destruction to
the people (radicals included)
from any extensive
system of depredation:
but at the same
time the necessity
antiradicalists were
under, on pain of having
nothing to say, to assume
as virtue the
intention on the part
of radicalists to establish
this system

We have seen what no one that chooses to look at
it can avoid seeing the utter impossibility of any thing
better than destruction to the great body of the people
from any all comprehensive or extensive generally comprehensive system
of depredation. We have however seen at the same
time the necessity by which, those, who have to oppose the
claim of the people to a sham real instead of a sham representation,
are drawn to assume as certain that those designs which
they can not but see to be impossible. It need ought not
therefore to be matter of surprize if we find Mr Grattan
joining concurring in this assumption, and giving in private as
well as the most in his place in the Honourable House making
the most of it in favour of support of the cause which he stood there
engaged to advocate.

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