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1820 Jan 16.
Radicalism not dangerous.

III. Experience
II. Ireland Grattan

3 §.1.1 Grattan Ireland

Not only ar was the assumption altogether destitute of
all ground in history antient or modern — in a word in
human experience of mankind in all experience general or and
particular, but the no more than eleven years before, full
in his view as well as in that the view of his auditors had a
result as opposite as light is to darkness to the result assumed — as light is to
darkness been exhibiting for l not less than five years to
been exhibiting itself. Neither however need this
exact much surprize when it is considered that there
in the situation of those to whom he was addressing himself
a fixt determination had place to turn a deaf
ear to these claims of the people that for decrying such
rupt something that should appear capable of being taken regarded as
for a reason by those who uttered it should be said, and
that nothing but on that side nothing better than this
was afforded by the nature of the case could not afford on that side
any thing more plausible on that side.

After these observations the reader may be left to reap
whatever instruction is to be obtained from the speech of
the illustrious rhetorician. It is reprinted from Mr
Plowden's history, in which it is reprinted from the collection of Irish
Parliamentary Debates, Vol. 17.

The occasion a Time 1794. no more than about
eleven years after the last sitting of the Irish Convention
of Delegates. ☞ Go on to state the subsequent history of the Volunteers.
Occasion, a parliamentary reform Bill moves for in the Irish
House of commons by

At this time the French Revolution was at its greatest heat.

[+]When it was considered
that after sixteen
years more for study
nothing better could be
no better argument could
be found by an Earl Grey
then what is contained
in the words "absurd
visionary and mindless
nor by a Lord's plan
after ransacking
the treasury arsenal of Whig
eloquence than the
words "wild and visionary"
for the every plan
that could be be devised
for that afforded a promise
of substituting
truth to uncorruption to corruption
a government of choice
to a government of force

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