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CLASSIFICATION 6 Means of a Perfect one [+]As the degreeshare in which}
the characteristics chosen
possess, of the sum of such of these several qualifications }
of which they are susceptible so will be}
the perfection of the

[+] 1 5 the Distinguishable
(Colours are conspicuous
but they are not distinguishable


|| To answer this 3d
of th condition it
is sufficient not necessary that
the union of any 2 several
properties characters be peculiar
to the such subjects ranged
under the divisions
in question, although
taken separately they be
every of them to be found in

A lesser degree of constancy
is in respect to time, tho'
not found in the subject
at all times, they are
found uniformly in it
at stated intervals —
thus it is in respect to
the character of plants
taken from the parts
of the participation.

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For the perfection of a method of Classification
for natural objects it is required that the
Characters which it selects assumes should be such as
are 1st Intrinsic 12st mly constant 3d most peculiar.
34dly Conspicuous [+] I 56th Interesting to the enquirer + man. [+]
12st They are in the highest degree constant, when they are to be formed in all the subjects
at all times have them & in all places that are ranged under the division
which they entitle.+ 3d they are peculiar
when they are found in no others than what
are ranged under the divisions which they
!! 34dly they are conspicuous, when they are such as engage
the attention at first glance, & not
such as are apt to be passed over

5thly they are distinguishable, when of every of
them that are capable of residing in the
different subjectsarticles of different divisions, each
may be distinguished from another thus are
it is that colours are characters always conspicuous tho'
in many of their varieties not distinguishable.

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Qu. to express the Use viz: with respect to Sciences general

{ Classifies A for
{ 2 other properties

{ + namely at that conjunction }
{ when the }
{ occasion arises }
{ for providing for furnishing them }
{ with a station in }
{ the memory. }

[+] 7th Important to in the
history existence of the subject
in natural subjects
as are the parts of
fructification in

by a course
in a way more or less
direct to be production to
him of pain or

This is to be done by taking
each qualification
separably, & under it
enumerating the several
Divisions parts of the Analysis System, in
which never evidences
of its future.

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3th 1st They are Natural intrinsic: when they are such as :e: found upon
them at the time of the first acquaintance
& not superinduced artificially by every the bility of
are man resident in the subject itself, & are attributed
to it indtion of any such extraneous circumstance
as may have contracted with it an
accidental & fugitive adherence.

6thly. They are interesting to man the enquirer, when it is
on them that depends the capacity of the subject
to cause him occasion to pain or pleasure.



1 Examine with respect how to the subjects of the
3 different kingdoms 1st how far they are susceptible
of those several qualifications

2dly how far such of which they are respectively
susceptible are taken in to the several methods current Systems in
of arrangement

3dly Of which of them Jurisprudence is susceptible.

4thly Which of them is which it is susceptible as
taken into Blackstone's System.

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