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Box 143 contains some highly interesting material that encompasses the two subjects of punishment and reward. The first half of the box features some of Bentham’s earliest writings on the subject of punishment, dating from approximately 1773 up to 1785. It was here where Bentham began to develop his arguments for a penal system where each punishment would be proportionate to the offence and where each offence would be clearly defined and publicly known. The second half of the box features some of the material that was used by Étienne Dumont when he edited and translated Bentham's writings into French and published them as the 'Théorie des peines et récompenses (1811)'. In addition, there is some material from the late-1810s and early-1820s that was intended for Bentham’s penal code.

More detailed contents of this box are as follows:

  • Folios 1 to 13: [Punishment] - Crimes, classification, nomenclature; [c. 1773]
  • Folios 14 to 35: [Punishment] - C. of punishment in general; [c. 1773]
  • Folios 36 to 40: [Punishment] - Theory of punishment [marginals; c. 1773]
  • Folios 41 to 62: [Punishment] - Table des crimes et des peines [marginal outlines in French; 1785]
  • Folios 63 to 129: [Reward] - Designed for Rationale of Reward - scale of ranks - Promised preface for this official aptitude; 1824, 1825
  • Folios 130 to 145: Rationale of Reward - supposed, superseded [marginals]; 1825
  • Folios 146 to 156: Penal code - generalia, remedies; 1818, 1822, 1823

Folios from box 143 which have already been partially or fully transcribed are listed under the progress bar below.

Box 143 Progress: Transcription begun

Untranscribed: 84
In Progress: 12
Ready For Review: 68
Completed: 95
Total: 259

0Completed: 95(36.68%)259

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