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() Punishments

Note continued

Now of the punishments for the infliction of which
is commonly performed by an act or physical
motion having its termination in the a mans
the body of the person to be punished, these are
only simple corporal injuries, irreparable corporal
injuries, and homicide: nor is such an act the
only means by which even these punishments
can be inflicted: since merely by the production mere the absence of
heat, food, fresh air and other necessaries, diseases
importing pain, loss of limbs and loss of life may
be produced. These remain all the other ways
in which a man may can be made to suffer in his person, and
all the ways in which he can be made to suffer
in his reputation, property or all condition in life.

have any It appears then that in corporal punishments
properly so called crimes punishments in which the
punishment is of the corporal kind properly so called,
cases in which the act of punishment is one that can be said to terminate in his body, cases in which punishment can in a physical sense it can with strict proportion be said to be inflicted upon a man, are
comparatively but few. Either then in speaking
of the other modes species of punishment this expression
must be forborn, or If then in speaking of a
punishment. In all either cases then if speaking
of he act of whereby the punishment is inflicted it be spoken

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