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1824 Oct. 21

Rationale or Reward

p.186 Gold no antiseptic of retract

In a democracy when can that antiseptic light shine forth
In a Monarchy it is kept by force under the and
bushel. In a Monarchy, the people with their property nor the property of it
are and feel themselves to be the property of the
Monarch. In a Monarch an absolute Monarchy no sought to helpis ashamed of helping to that
the Oppr General in a limited Monarchy the Corruptor General cheating has in self defence and self
is but to take back what he stole in a limited Monarchy every manbeholds a corruptor or would be corruptor into the bargain. In ther neither
in a representative de who would not be a as any man ashamed of getting back in the revenging himself upon a property
-shamed cheatingthere if a man cheats the government is there incase of
which being taken for old that of the ents is a forcibly taken by from the
a man cheating the government is not only cheating every body
prod and those to whom they have passed it over, is on the whole of it
but seem to b in name , and in so large a portion large or effect the King's
In a representate democracy an which nothing is taken from any individual
without previous actual consent, immediate or immediate in these principle

Thus much in principle. But the of the cases This being seen by every body nobody could shal from government without beingexposing himself expended inquiry himself
not only to punishment
but to shame: to sh
suffering and which in case is under
sufferundergo in much less
than is regard for the necessary in
infliction of punishment under]
the ]
name ]
of punishment.|

Prussian poses if he is to be bestowed the testimony
after a King and Finance Minister
experience: the obtaining of all in additions was made
of the consequence an addition to the length more than Of one third
within the taxes amount to the revenues of the states. So say the language The a most
had been further than and placed not the bottom of his table Thus says theory. But to
the King the Prussian adote
appears to itexperiencesThe MinisterMinister
makes his speech replies.
the King balances it. The
whole mass of official
salary receives an addition
of the half: the
whole of the
of an third. So says the

lay afterevidence a latter would here be sets the
story: a one the least of a pleasure could not wish: three Kings
he saysstory: nothing is only are wanting to it: but constituency probability and eviden
a consistency, the assigned cause is, upon the face of it ly in capable of producing [+]

Men in general have in hav no desire to profit character at
expose of one another expose: such is the position on the truth of which
the claim to credibility evidence knows. To a ground for belief, in a
story with such a moral to it, man who are in government pay
or who looks to be so, are not; in a their situation apt to be oversevere in their [+]1 the reported numerical

scrutiny into evidence. I Upon the of the it the
scrutiny into evidence was incapable of affect
At the time in question no mans salary was sufficient to pay for his boots and
shoes: half the is added to it: and now it is enough for every thing Of the storys not being coinciding with the truth
Absence of exact truth is therefore matter
of absolute certainty; and if
its being any approach to
enable there is no evidence: I
2. As to probability.

For argumental sake admitt the exact truth of it

Supposing such the result the first year, it would not filler that it
would be the same the second: still less the third and so on
For a short time, good humour and gratitude, with or without the
addition application of additional checks might, after so comparatively simple
an addition, have been productive of the effect, without a miracle
But these social sentiments are : self-regard as is a prop one: if, after the application of this the reported nostrum the disc
state thereof after gold — after money was alloyed for any length of time prevented
from resuming its former acerbity intensity it must have been from
of which nothing is here said.

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