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1824 Oct.30

Rationale of Reward

§. Pursuits of Ret
p. 1846 Gold no antiseptic
addition to labour

To render it credible every effect must have its assigned
for the conversion of the thus stated to be have been produced, a cause of no slight efficiency
was necessary By The character the discovery has beenis made of it
till then undeserved principle as nature: then he has
had<add>the liberality</add> enough to consonant to his royal master , and plan
made the docility to . Then in general says the discovery have been
thought regarded a disposed — each can not only to Review such has in
profit what to sa it even at another's less. This is not so; saysNo says he: this is
not so except no one says situation of the deepest ditress. Give to each then
a Subsistence, be it an so been in a, all desire of benefiting himself
at the expence of others will thus be reserved.

Such is the instructionobservation the path of which above once still
paid was so manifest to the Minister that he changed therevised
from that mometmoment the whole time of his financialso long established financial policy: he who
with in men if so many millions a year to begin with was not satisfied
without adding to it at the expence of subjecting as well as this
when his lawless and shameless rapacity had made his manner, as theyin many millions
more as, by by the slaughter of hundreds of thousands,
he could they hands as many money succeed in laying
hands on.

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