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1825 June 25

§ 2 Review of Retrial

Rationale of Reward

Note (a)

(a) To a Person bred into an English label.

So extraordinary will this state of things be apt to
appear, that but in the statement less need should be that without mention
of authority credence
could scarce be looked

part by seems
the authority which riots It be that by the My Informal who is now President of
the United States: those, that in which be long to have the information were tou to
Minister at the Court. long before his
departure. The fact being in its number so as well
as so honourable to the nature he was representing. says
self I betray no confidence in their meeting it
. Question 1.
How Do you manage about Pensions of Retreat? Answer. We give
now. Question 2. What now to any body? Why say for example
to Judges? Answer 2  : not even for Judges. But suppose a Judgewithout blame to himself
Question 3. But by accident free from blame suppose a Judge incapacitated become by suppose a Judge
by blindness for example, or deafness to become blind ? would you have been and need have
him to starve? Answer. 3. Certainly But without regret: how
so it would be. In this it would be as in all others possessing
money seekingoccupation. Why should then should man be insured against be exempt from accidents
to which in were other he remains uninsured? a subject. Nothing could defend to say
against this: and so Here the conversation ended. The conversation
ended: but the instruction remained.

From this same Minister or another is both, I
learnt heard somewhat in detail how it was that the expence of the penny Lord Hay and
Half-pay, so vast in this country is unknownwas as either nothing or
next to nothing in that. In the National Calendar
a sort of demi-official work published every year from 1820 inclusive no such Head
as Half-pay either for Army, or for Navy can I find
either under either its own name or either of these.

all sources of national expenditure are inserted.
In some particular, neither asunder its own name nor under any
other is Retreat Pension, post ibid pension, Half pay
any other mistreated gratuity in any other shape to be
found in it

The fact being so honourable to the nation, the reasoning to the
informant, unauthorized as the mention is in the apology can it require, stand in need of.

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