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1825 June 26

Rationale of Reward § 1 Pension of Retreat

The universal needlessness of extralocated reward
being as above supposed demonstrated any alarm further
inquiryquestion would amount to this an inquiry what is the least bad
mode of doing that which might not to be done at

That Of the solution of that problem supposing it
affected resolved, what would be the ready in po? The less bad
the mode recommended the stronger the assurance of its not being adopted. For no such hopeless and
worse than thankless Such
are the present time of
this weak fee be spared.|

For doing what can be done without power and in dispell speak
of power, what remains is a That which would be of use is the un indication
of the sum total of the mass of extralocated reward
annually allowed bestowed by matchless constitution: the matter
arranged under the its several heads as above with such
sub-heads, as the nature of the case might be found to indicate.
But this what to left to other hands.
which must be left to some other hand. The present one is
wanting for the completion of P an all-embracing Providence Each with the Rationale
attached, and the
deting of the Judicial Establishment
with what it
is inseparably connected.|

What had scarcely be observed is - that on this as
on all other occasions that what the greatest happiness principle
prescribes it not the resolution of existing rights, but
the non-creation of such pestiferous rights in future.

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