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1824 Oct. 27

Rationale of Reward

§. 187. Review of
King my abs

Whatsoever it shall please the King to do in any
there stood the lawyers who with one voice are ready to repeat
their proclamation of the impossibility of it. The King can do no
wrong: what the King has done he has not done: or if it is
wrong he has evolved it into right by doing it.

Oh but why talk of such things. Never did any
King do any such things, now will any King even that of doing
them has any the King? perhaps not whole King. But
James the 2d who as yet be not King, gave himself any
one and the pleasure of putting than when he had done
into relation to the torture. But you who crop then plan the plan is
it not your desire that shall it ever be his pleasure be da
the ? Same by as many Gospels as you please: from the negative
the fabric of the sulk will be demonstrated to demonstrate by the object
of it your al in connation with the only object it can
. If it were not given desire yes and somebody else desire
never would you take any such would you take
upon you the reproach with which it covers you

The law who oppose the abrogation of tyranny the mans tyranny
mean it should be named, is to mans nothing of the relation
of tyranny is ot chief tyranny what is or can be?

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