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1824 Oct. 27

Rationale of Reward

p. 189 Pension of Retreat

It may which rate statement
act this which.

To what Levelfurther length this corruption may have spread in Equity fee increase
Westminster Hall it belongs not to individuals exactly to Law: one thing is
known; to wit that the Exchequer Judicatory is infected by it
The legality illegality of the same Judge-made law could Lord
Eldon would any doubts of it could they have found their way into
Lord Eldons mind? At one time possibly but if they are intendso they could
not afford to continuing. All doubts are now resumed. Before theIt is in
year 1822 it is not time exactly how by before. Any hand a settled part. A Chancellor is superior to the law and may not
only violate it impunity but avowedly abrogate it. The
Exchequer Judicatory possesses within its jurisdiction the same power

All lay snug till the year 1817. The Whigs would not
bleedspeak for the act were there: for it was this act: the Tories would not blabspeak for the
profit was theirs. One stream man then was who being neither Whig
nor Tory, radically incapable of becoming either spoken out at
finding that nobody who would speak The Pamphleteer is a work which had and still has an scant For the commencement of
the year 1817 in No 17 if that wish came appeared the Defence of
Economy against B out a tract in which the tration was
had without disguise laid open to view. It was the Defence of
Economy against Ba it the first place in the work
Could this be a secret To any of the parties thus named could the
be for two days together ? Not indeed indeed
To some of them was the neither wishes unknown: to man but the master
of the Roles has person.

Now whether supposing this to be corruption this be corruption or not, in consequence of it if any body had
been punished who would it have been? Lord Eldon or any of
his accomplices for doing the act? No: but I for telling of it
For here so say comes another Chapter of Judge made law. where by a
certain class of functionary a coin of a certain class is committed
of any body it is the inference of it not the criminal who is punishable for it
The Behold how another of the fruits feature of matchless compilation: matchless
indeed for your profligacy. Their act the pretended representation
of the people use whose full view Judges have established a
law giving impunity to themselves: impunity for corruption in which
some shape commissible, Not so meat as a presenter but
by impractical: and impeachment is a ceremony which in again have place.

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