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1824 Oct 27

Rationale of Reward. J.B.v.Dumont

p.187. Pension of Retreat?

Equity for increase
Lord Eldon

All this notwithstanding would Lord Eldon accept
a bribe. & Not he indeed No that he wouldnot: this is what the has any would not
so much as suspect him of. bribe? A bribe? no such thing would his bitterest enemy so much as suspect him of Suppose I had on him£100,000 of
other peoples money in any which I would be defr them of
and which they were in for Equals. Were I to go to Lord
Eldon with £50,000£100 1000 £10,000 with £50,000 £90,000 of
it is uplands and by him to keep it no Equity - Lands
included for 20 years could be - in that crime go with so much as
the least ruin of him. No surety. By acception of the bribe
The bribe accepted what could be the consequence? He would be compleatly
in my The year ended I would been
give me the money back again and with interest: or I would
expose him: expose him or such sort that useful as he is
the King would not be at and enabled able as he is by him to
support any body against any thing he would not the case
be at the trouble. He would do by a about Lord Sidmouth did
by the : he would ruin me and in
reputation upon the ruin of men

Such that is the corruptionuncorruption of an English King
wherein there is nothing to be put by corruption without design he abstains
from it wherein there is any thing to be yet it in
he practices it.

For security in officeexcluding crime from securing parity in office than
the nature of the case affords a secret recipe and it is an infallible
one. that which on the part the mischief which if committed
by anybody else could constitute the agent a criminal give
him a man power to act it command you there render criminality in
that situation in the situation you have pleased him impossible. This power you may give him
either in a direct way or in a indirect way: in a direct
way in and by express words, or in an indirect way by so
ordinary matters, that any one who although by law the matter stands
prohib marked by a prohibition backed by punishment, yet any
one who should attempt to give execution and effect to the law
would find the thing improachable: secrecy what nobody ever thinksof making the attampt.

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