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1824 Oct.20 & 29

Rationale of Reward


Page 189. Pension of retreat
Rule 5
Give fixt rules

Reasons givenat the in conclusion for
the printing out the precautions necessary to be observed
in relation to such pensions.


The evil the danger as have

In the first of these reasons the one of the evils
above mentioned is mostly consent and being stated. The other
does not seem equally clear, nor does any thing that can be desired
at the bottom promise adequate payment for the labour of taking
up the surface. To the quality of money that might be paid under
general licence to pay men extra for continuing in or employment
they have embraced, there seems no assignable hand. Under
a system of universal aptitude secured by anticedent public
trials, and perpetually concomitant public inspection, every person
so employed would be paid expended in waste. To expect that
of an avenger man that if he can better himself by going
out of a public an official situation he will stay in it for the mere
pleasure of serving and obliging the public would be is to know little
indeed of human nature.


Rate given as the result of the above reason: otherw There
must be fixt rules about the on the subject of these same pensions:
otherwise they will become a source of abuses.

Observances. For otherwise, say and thus The concluding
sentence I do not clearly understand an not fortunate may be be accepts. affect is different
must be left to those who are more Rate in no rule
so long as it is in existence an institution such as this so long as it at in existence is
doomed to sarcasm with them

"Motif in favour done travail. By this that is to say by making
the leaving the amount of the pension more or less short of that of
the salary.

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